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Supply Chain Integration Service

Depending on the strong resource organization, network channel, brand operation and other professional advantages, the group interconnects the business flow, material flow, capital flow and information flow through the integrated and platform-based operation patterns, such as collective purchase and distribution, matching supply and delivery, value added service, combination of future and spot goods, “big platform + little front end”, to provide the business partners on the upstream and downstream supply chains with raw material purchase, processing, distribution, export, logistics, finance, information and other efficient supply chain integration services, and devote itself to be a customer value-oriented, customized and agile supply chain service integrator.

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The finance plate is under the overall strategy of “one body with two wings”, and its development goal is to be one “service provider of supply chain finance and comprehensive finance” and continuously enrich and improve the comprehensive financial service ability. The group defines finance as one of the two core businesses in its “13th Five-year Plan”, the mode of organic combination of independent development and serving the group will be adopted for the finance plate, to further optimize the allocation of financial resources, improve the overall competitiveness and help the group forge the development pattern of “industry + finance”.

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High-end industry

High-end industry plate is an important wing of the “one body with two wings” of the company, it it is the company’s strategic business nurturing center, development stamina center, science and technology innovation center and the concentration district of leading enterprises in the segmental fields. At present, the business structure with core competitiveness has been formed for the high-end industry plate and it covers heat and power cogeneration, medicine, medical treatment and health, water environmental protection energy, stainless steel, high-end wire and cable, motor core, etc., and the high-end industrial form with two cores of big public utility (water environmental protection energy) and big health (health care, old-age care and medical care) has been preliminarily formed, laying a solid foundation for the company’s strategy upgrading and the contribution of profit to the listed company.

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